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Not everyone can leave their jobs and other responsibilities to jet around the world whenever they would like. The COVID-19 pandemic grounded many hopeful tourists, however, the cost of airfare, hotels, and other travel-related costs also kept many people at home. The Internet offers an alternative that enables anyone to see the world. Here are a few great sights that the curious can find while traveling virtually.


See Various City Scenes


Cameras capture lighted cityscapes, the rush of commuters, and stunning architecture. See the largest cities in the world without traffic noise and crowded sidewalks. Sites like Window Swap allow people to see what the residents see when they look out their windows. Discover the views available to people throughout the world while sitting in the comfort of your own home.


Become A Leaf Peeper


Webcams also allow people to enjoy the changing colors of fall. Watch daily to view the wonder of nature as the leaves slowly change. Compare the leaf colors from state to state and avoid the dropping temperatures and traffic jams.


Find a Few Scares


Live webcams tucked into haunted houses and creepy castles offer constant Halloween entertainment. Global locations with haunted reputations now offer remote viewers the chance to scan the scenery and spot potential spirits and mysterious shadows. Many of the sites collect and share clips of what other viewers find.


Visit the National Parks


The National Park Service offers a website dedicated to webcams. The site showcases the vistas and wildlife thriving in the many national parks around the United States. The cameras give everyone an up-close look at unspoiled nature without leaving an impact on the surroundings.


Attend Mardi Gras Festivities


Webcams along Bourbon Street means that Mardi gras celebrations can take place anywhere. Enjoy the excitement alone or host a celebration at home with the revelers on a screen in the background for inspiration. Festive cities like New Orleans have events throughout the year and live webcams capture much of it.


Virtual traveling makes mysterious places open for exploration, can educate viewers about nature, and lets anyone get close to the action while staying safe and comfortable inside. Webcams can entertain and offer a way to sample the sights and excitement found in distant lands before booking a vacation.