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Venezuela is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world, however, it usually gets overlooked by tourists. The country is often overshadowed by a few of its larger South American neighbors. The lack of tourists makes Venezuela the perfect destination for someone looking for a tranquil vacation away from large crowds. The gorgeous landscapes do not hurt either. These are the four best destinations everyone must visit during their time in Venezuela.


Angel Falls


Angel Falls is easily the most iconic destination in the entire country. This stunning sight is found in Canaima National Park. The beautiful waterfall drops more than 3,200 feet, which makes it the highest waterfall in the entire world. You will not be able to access Angel Falls on foot, so you will need to book a sightseeing flight or boat to see the popular landmark. In order to get the best view, it is best to avoid making the trip in the winter.


Margarita Island


If you are looking to spend a relaxing day on the beach, then your ideal destination is Margarita Island. The entire island is filled with peaceful beaches containing soft white sand. Once you leave the beach, you will not have to go very far to find a delicious meal. This is the perfect place to start or finish your trip to Venezuela. Just be ready to encounter a little more tourists than the rest of the country.




Roraima is a stunning table-top mountain that is the highest point in the Pacaraima Mountain range. It will take a demanding hike to reach the top, but the view will be well worth your time. The mountain overlooks the beautiful scenery of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. You can expect to see bizarre rock formations, waterfalls, and carnivorous plants on your way to the top of Roraima.


National Pantheon of Venezuela


While the main draw of Venezuela is its natural landscapes, the country also has some very impressive buildings including the National Pantheon. In addition to being a premier example of architectural genius, the National Pantheon also holds the remains of Simon Bolivar and several other important Venezuelan figures. You will find this must-see attraction in the heart of Caracas.