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One of the top-rated travel ideas is traveling along the coastline of either the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. One of the best times to travel along the East Coast is during the months of autumn. The various landmarks offer a wide range of scenery and opportunities to enjoy the fall foliage. A trip along the East Coast is also a great way to explore various towns and cities that are located along the way.

Two popular destinations along the East Coast are New York City and Washington D.C. The cities offer a wide range of dining, shopping, and lodging options for people tripping and exploring. These two cities are also the homes of some of the top museums on the East Coast. There are several museums located throughout New York City. Two of the best, and biggest, ones are The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of National History. Washington D.C. is also homes to several noteworthy museums including The Smithsonian National Postal Museum and The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

There are other areas along the East Coast that also offer amazing museums to enjoy and explore. One of the best museums on the entire Eastern Seaboard is the Museum of Life and Science. This museum offers a completely unique hands-on experience. The facility also offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy a zoo area, and there is also a playground. The Museum of Life and Science is in the beautiful city of Durham, North Carolina.

Williamsburg, Virginia is also another destination that offers opportunities to explore some of the top museums. This historic town is the home of The Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum. These facilities give patrons an opportunity to learn about the early days and struggles of the people in the United States in a unique setting.

Civil Rights, Native American History, and other fascinating historical events can be learned about at the many museums located along the East Coast. These museums are a great way to learn about the country’s history in local settings. Many of the museums, such as The Met, are also a great way to learn more about the arts and cultures of the people in different areas and time periods.