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No matter how much you want to spend, traveling to exotic locations can be a great way to explore the world without breaking the bank. Here are some ways to plan a budget holiday.


  1. Plan
    Although traveling spontaneously is excellent if you have the money, it’s also important to plan for your trip if on a budget. Before you leave, you must clearly understand what you’re planning on doing and how long it will take. Having a plan will allow you to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure that you’ll have the necessary time to get around.


  1. Out of Season Travel
    Try to stay away from traveling during the school holidays, as the travel industry increases prices to accommodate families with limited travel options. Instead, plan on visiting your destination before or after these dates.The shoulder season is when many people travel. During this period, airlines and hotels lower their prices to attract more customers. Although it’s still a great time to travel, you might not get as much sun.


  1. Accommodations
    If you’re looking for a cheap hotel room but don’t want to spend a lot of money, consider renting a room in a hostel. Sharing a room can help you split the costs and meet other people interested in traveling with you. Another great alternative is to book a spare room through websites such as Airbnb and Couchsurfing.Have a local for a night and let them show you around the city, giving you an inside look at what makes it unique. They’ll also provide you with valuable advice on the best places to eat and drink.

    You can also stay with friends or family. If you’re planning on visiting a place on your list for a long time, try to find people who are currently living in the area. This will allow you to explore new places.


  1. Packing
    Before you leave, pack all of the necessary items to avoid shopping. You should have at least one pair of warm clothes and a waterproof jacket and shoes no matter where you’re going. You can’t predict the weather and the changes, so having clothes for the weather is smart.