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Wherever you are this holiday season, don’t let the people in the world get in your way. Despite the fact that the number of people traveling this holiday season may be less than in other years, many airports are still busy. Even though fewer people are flying, airlines are still consolidating their flights to make them more efficient.

With so many people flying during the holiday season, it can quickly become a stressful time of the year. It’s not uncommon to get stuck in a long line at an airport due to the holiday season. But, in addition to all that, flying for the holidays can be a stressful experience for anyone. Instead of going through the airport’s bag fees, why not just relax and enjoy the freedom of an airport lounge?


  1. Research

Plan an alternative route if traffic gets too heavy. If it’s a scenic drive, consider taking a shorter trip. Before you fly, make sure to check the airline’s policies on bags and fees.


  1. Use An Appropriate Credit Card

It’s not too late to get the right credit card for your upcoming holiday travel purchases. Some credit cards can help you avoid bag fees and earn elite status faster. Some can also give you credits to use inflight for snacks and internet use.


  1. Pack Lightly

If possible, avoid checking bags altogether. It saves you time and stress, and it’ll prevent you from having to wait for your luggage to be loaded. Make sure that all of your important documents and medications are in your luggage. Also, check that your clothes and accessories are in order when you check your luggage.


  1. Consider Shipping Luggage

While it may seem counter-intuitive to check your bags when shipping, it can be a smart move to save money and avoid paying oversized fees. You can shop for shipping for your items from LugLess, a site that lets you save money on shipping costs. It’s also a good idea to allow extra time to prepare for your holiday season’s shipping delays.


  1. Travel During Off-Peak Days

Planning your trip right before or after a holiday can ensure you pay the most for travel and get stuck in the longest lines. If you travel during off-peak days, especially around holidays, you will be able to avoid the masses.


  1. Expect The Unexpected

Your travel plans will rarely go perfectly as expected. Always plan for something messing with your plans. This can mean leaving early for flights or long drives. It can also mean having a backup plan if flights get canceled or weather patterns change.