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The world is an exciting and beautiful place to explore, but it can also be a little bit dangerous. That’s why we’ve put together this list of destinations that are safe in 2022. Travelers will enjoy incredible natural beauty, rich history, and welcoming locals in these places.

1. United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates, a country in the Middle East with coveted destinations such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is just one of many countries that has received a Level 1 travel advisory heading into 2022. The CDC also warns travelers should be aware COVID-19 poses low levels throughout the nation, ranking 26th worldwide.
2. Bahamas
Travelers can now enjoy the beautiful beaches of The Bahamas with confidence, as it has been rated at Level 2 by both State Department and CDC. This means that visitors to this destination have no major health risks who want some peace & quiet time away from their busy lives back home.
3. Jamaica
The Level 2 countries are not very crowded to start 2022. However, Jamaica begins this year as one of those places with officials encouraging visitors to exercise increased caution due to COVID-19 and crime, in addition to the CDC indicating there is a moderate coronavirus level on their landmass too!
4. Iceland
As is the case with most countries worldwide, travel advisories are in effect for Iceland heading into 2022. In addition, the State Department and Centers for Disease Control have determined this European island to rank number one on their respective list of Global Peace Indexes (GPI) and being deemed safe during COVID-19 outbreaks across multiple regions, including Europe itself.
5. The British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands are open for international travel, but they have a few restrictions. Level 1 of the CDC Travelers’ Advisory is in effect because there has been an increase in fully vaccinated travelers against COVID-19.
6. Fiji
The beautiful country of Fiji has been reopened for business as usual this year. Visitors will be pleased to know that COVID-19 testing requirements have not deterred them from traveling in the South Pacific nation, which begins at Level 1 on State Department’s travel advisory scale and received a low-level CDC warning about possible causes.
7. Canada
The land of tranquility, Canada is routinely among the safest countries globally. At the same time, COVID-19 has prompted Level 3 travel advisories from both State Department and CDC heading into 2022.