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We’ve curated some of the best places in the Midwest to explore. From Michigan to Wisconsin, we’ve got you covered. These destinations are designed to provide the best experiences and meet your travel goals.


Ephraim/Fish Creek, WI

Although New England is known more for its quaint countryside, the Midwest has its share of coastal charm. Some of the best examples of this are the towns of Fish Creek and Ephraim in Door County.


These two towns are known for their coastal charm and have plenty of art galleries and high-end shops. The main meal in these areas is a fish boil, an outdoor show featuring a fire that erupts around a large cauldron of potatoes, whitefish, and onions. Top it off with a pie made with cherries grown in the peninsula’s interior.


Galena, IL

The town’s preservation movement has led to the emergence of several small towns that have become known for their unique culture. This area is bordered by Illinois’ northwest hills and has over 90 shops filled with art, antiques, and home accessories. The site has 50 inns and hotels and several restaurants serving varying types of food.


Saugatuck/Douglas, MI

These two towns are known for their artistic side, as the residents of both areas take for granted the portraits displayed in their respective galleries. The windows of these establishments are adorned with original art, and visitors are also used to seeing sculptures all around the area.


During the summer season, artists in these areas usually set up easels and paint portraits of people enjoying the beach. They captured the essence of the area’s most famous beach.


Put-in-Bay, OH

A family getaway can be had away from Lake Erie’s shoreline in northwest Ohio by taking a ferry ride. Only boats link Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island; most visitors leave their cars behind. This eliminates vehicle noise and helps reduce the traffic in the area.


A variety of family-friendly activities are available on the island, such as fishing charters, cave tours, and museums. One of the area’s best views is the Perry’s Victory and Peace Memorial, which stands 352 feet tall.


Stillwater, MN

The area’s timber was used to build the mansions in Stillwater. The area’s craggy river valley and forest also provide visitors with various scenery. This town is around 20 miles east of Saint Paul. Its historic downtown and a dozen inns draw people to this area.


The area’s shore drives lead to some of its most famous towns, such as Taylors Falls and Marine. Plenty of other activities are popular in this region, such as train and river tours.