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With COVID restrictions beginning to ease, most people are eager to resume life as they once knew it, or at least resume living with the new COVID rules and regulations. But when it comes to traveling, things might not be as they once were.

When the pandemic hit, borders closed, and travel plans were put on indefinite hold. However, with borders slowly opening, people are now wondering how travel will be affected.

Border Control

Before the coronavirus took over, people traveled at will. Aside from the standard rules and regulations already in effect, entering foreign countries was simple. Now, even with stricter entry regulations, countries will need to be even more stringent with who they let enter.

Without a doubt, most countries will want confirmation that anyone entering the country is not infected with COVID-19. This may require documentation in hand upon arriving at the destination.


Seating on airplanes will also need an overhaul. Most airlines are already considering removing the middle seats, so they can continue social distancing measures. Without a doubt, this must be upheld. Even with proper PPE use; i.e., masks during the flight, sitting so close is too risky. The same will probably hold true for train travel as well. Seating availability may be limited in an attempt to reduce the possible spread of infection.


Masks will also be required when traveling. At this point, airlines are requiring that all passengers wear masks throughout the flight. This is to prevent the spread of not only COVID from possibly asymptomatic carriers but also from airborne illnesses as well.


With the massive loss of life on cruise ships since the coronavirus emerged, cruise ship regulations will probably be stricter than ever before. Passengers need proper documentation showing that they have not been infected with COVID and that they have a clean bill of health. Passengers may also be asked to have their temperature taken prior to boarding and if found to be febrile, may be denied entry.

The Takeaway

With the promise of a vaccine on the horizon, it’s still impossible to travel without preventive measures in place. And while it’s imperative to get the world up and running again, it’s also not without risk. The most important thing to remember is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.