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While this year may not have been what anyone had in mind, the summer months are winding down and we’re entering into the fall season. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for another family trip or fun weekend getaway. Here are a few great ideas for weekend trips in Kansas.


Overland Park


This may be a perfect trip to take with your husband or wife for a romantic getaway. Overland Park is only a twenty-minute trip from Kansas City and offers something for every visitor. There are beautiful gardens to tour, history museums that began in the frontier days, and plenty of great restaurants. 


Rock City National Landmark


Rock City is located in the Salina/Minneapolis region. There are a number of trails that will lead visitors through tall native grass and wildflowers. Of course, hikers can also climb on all of the rocks; some of which are as large as houses. Smoky Hill Museum offers exhibits exploring the history of the Smoky Hills region, including art exhibitions and a zoo.


Milford Lake


Milford Lake is fantastic for families looking to camp. If you don’t have a camper or tent check out the Flint Hills Lodge. Aside from the inspiring view, the lake offers fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.


Garden City


Garden City is home to the Sandsage Bison Range and Wildlife Area, which is the oldest bison herd owned publicly in the state of Kansas. There is also the Lee Richardson Zoo with over 300 animals from all around the world and Ward’s Petting Zoo which offers guided tours and opportunities to feed a few of the animals. 




If you’re interested in the history of Kansas Topeka has a plethora of museums and historical sites to choose from. There is the Kansas State Capitol Building, the Museum of History, and the Brown Board of Education National Historic Site. In Gage Park children can explore the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center which offers interactive exhibits that range from science to the arts.


The Travel KS App is a great resource to find new and exciting places to explore in Kansas. Find shopping, restaurants, and attractions at multiple locations.