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Planning for a trip can be a long process and takes a lot of time and research. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to do everything promptly. To help you find the best-priced flights and tips on how to pack efficiently consider listening to a podcast while you’re doing daily tasks. If you’re not going on a trip soon, travel podcasts can take your mind away from reality and introduce you to new places to add to your bucket list. Here are some of the best travel podcasts that you can listen to today.


Let’s Go Together

The Let’s Go Together podcast was launched a few months ago on Travel + Leisure and features some of the greatest travel stories. From the first Black women to every country in the world to a quadriplegic climbing Machu Picchu in Peru, there’s nothing this podcast doesn’t have to offer. Kellee Edward, the award-winning travel expert, hosts the podcast and shares some of her adventures along the way.


Out Travel the System

Expedia’s exclusive podcast can help you plan your next short or long weekend getaway. Nisreene Astassi shares the best advice in all areas of travel. Every episode focuses on a different topic so there is something for everyone to relate to depending on what kind of trip they want. Check out the episode where the astrology of travel is discussed!


Amateur Traveler 

If you’re not too familiar with traveling and not even sure where to go then Chris Christensen can be your guide. Each episode includes a new destination and all of the places you want to see while visiting. Amateur Traveler has made over 600 episodes since 2005, leaving listeners with tons of destinations to choose from. 


Travel With Rick Steves

American television personality and travel writer, Rick Stevens covers travel all around the world in this podcasts. He encourages listeners to visit places that aren’t tourist attractions to learn more about other country’s cultures. This weekly podcast includes specials guests who share their experiences in places you never heard of before.


Flight of Fancy

Travel journalists Ben Groundwater connects with listeners to educate them about traveling without damaging the world. With special guests and interviews with travel professionals, Groundwater shares tips and tricks to guide you through anything that happens when traveling. List to Flight of Fancy if you’re newer to traveling and not too sure how to handle difficult situations.